Animal Experimentation Argumentative Essay

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Another example of animal use reduction is that skin corrosively and irritation can simply be studied by using three-dimensional (3D) human skin identical structures such as Epiderm and Skin Ethic.

In conclusion, using replacement strategies for animal testing provides an extremely positive outcome.

Benefits of these specific alternatives result in tests being more reliable, more accurate, practical and less harm towards the environment, as well as animals.

Private companies, government agencies, and universities have all been working day and night to make certain that these techniques are used instead of animals.

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Content Header .feed_item_answer_user.js-wf-loaded . Innocent animals are slaughtered for illegitimate purposes that are no longer needed.An example of animals not being needed for testing follows: The RLLNA for skin allergic experiments assembles a way to create a reduction in animal use by close to seventy-five percent in comparison to customary mouse and guinea pig tests.Still, a lot of businesses all over the world use animals to test their products.Companies that still test their products on animals risk losing a huge competitive edge in their respective markets and eventually end up with lower revenues.These methods are less costly and take a smaller amount of time to complete.Using these alternatives will ensure that no animals are harmed, treated cruelly, or even killed in the process.Animal experimentation is the process of testing new treatments and medicines on animals.Scientists use this research to determine what type of diseases affect the human body, and what can be done in order to treat these diseases.Engebretson also noted the increase of non-animal testing strategies that produce effective and accurate data for companies.In a March 2015 survey of more than 1,000 adults, Nielsen found that respondents consider the label “not tested on animals” on products the most important packaging claim.


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