American Vs. Foreign Cars Essay

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In The Huffington Post, Tijana Milosevic, a Serbian who had traveled to Washington, D. for a degree, wrote, "In fact my family and friends had observed that I shouldn’t have chosen America, since I would probably feel better in Western Europe — where life is not as fast paced as in the US and capitalism still has a 'human face.'" She noted that "Americans still work nine full weeks (350 hours) longer than West Europeans do and paid vacation days across Western Europe are well above the US threshold."The notion that working long hours and not taking holidays makes for a more productive workforce is, in my view, a managerial myth, with no foundation in organizational or psychological science.

The human body is a biological machine, and like all machines can wear out.

A 2010 Charities Aid Foundation study found that Americans were the fifth most willing to donate time and money in the world at 55%.

The belief that the ingrained compassion yields the charitable acts is in congruence with the numbers that show the bulk of charitable giving goes to religious organizations.

Peter Glick, co-author of "Anti-American Sentiment and America's Perceived Intent to Dominate: An 11-Nation Study", conducted research on 5,000 college students from eleven countries using the stereotype content model (SCM) and the image theory (IT) measure.

"Consistent with the SCM and IT measure was the view that the United States is a nation intent on domination also with predicted perceptions that the nation is lacking warmth, and that the nation is arrogant, but out of incompetence." As a result of similar views, anti-American sentiment can develop, and the United States’ security can be put at risk.According to Albert Einstein, racism is America’s “worst disease.” Americans may be seen as reckless and imprudent people regarding the preservation of the environment.They may be portrayed as lavish, driving high polluting SUVs and unconcerned about climate change or global warming.American people in general may be portrayed as racist or racialist, often discriminating against their minorities.Racism was a significant issue of American history and is still relevant today.Many people attribute the high death rates to mass shootings or inner city violence, but the murder rate in America is actually on a decline, and it appears that suicide by firearm is actually the culprit for the "gun-deaths" statistic.The international media often report American mass shootings, making these incidents well known internationally despite the fact that these kind of killings account for an extremely small portion of the firearms death rate.Order custom essay Professional team of writers is able to craft custom essay from scratch according to your instructions.We are ready to satisfy writing needs of every demanding customer.Not all of the listed stereotypes are equally popular, nor are they all restricted towards Americans; and although most can be considered negative, a few actually assign neutral, positive or even admiring qualities to the stereotypical US citizen.According to William Bennett – who is himself an American – a positive stereotype of Americans is that they are very generous.


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