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The people who speak at UFO conferences “aren’t all equally good enough,” Donderi said.Meanwhile, those engaged in the search through bona fide organizations have come up with minimal results.

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The paper went viral and Loeb began fielding an onslaught of media calls while fellow scientists weighed in.

In terms of his colleagues’ reaction, Loeb said, “almost all of them reacted favorably, and they thought, you know, it’s just an interesting idea.”Even so, he added, there were some negative reactions as well.

In a 2018 conference paper, Colombano suggests the search for alien intelligence is based on “cherished assumptions” that could be holding it back: that interstellar travel is unlikely, that alien civilizations use radio waves, that other life must be carbon based, and that UFOs have never visited earth.

He makes a case for discarding these dusty beliefs and for sociologists to imagine how alien societies might evolve, physicists to do more speculative work on space-time, and energy and technologists to model ways in which technology might evolve in other civilizations.

“But we’ve now observed so many planets that are plausible habitats.

It seems, based on scientific evidence, there’s no reason to think that planets like the Earth are rare.”But cosmology has its limits, too, and Bower says he’s “less comfortable” with the excessive speculation he sees in some work.

Indeed, Loeb’s article was approved for publication in mere days.

But while scientists tossing around the idea of alien life may find a rapt public audience, they can also draw cynical, even hostile reactions from their fellow scientists, a response summed up by acclaimed physicist Neil de Grasse Tyson, who once quipped to CNN: “Call me when you have a dinner invite from an alien.”This paradox has ripple effects.

Donderi said they knew he was writing on this subject, but when he actually asked to bring this material into their program, they said, that’s the line.“I’m really surprised they get blowback,” said physicist Richard Bower of Durham University in England.

He’s never gotten flak for his research in cosmology, which entails making computer simulations of possible parallel universes.


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