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There can never be any justification for torture or for cruel treatment" (White, n.d., pg. In addition to the argument that it is a denial of human rights, abolitionists have an equally strong offender-centered argument of innocence (White, n.d. Further arguments against the death penalty consist of its use against primarily poor offenders, its inconsistent use, and the fact that convicted criminals, even murderers, can reform in prison and be reproductive once again (White, n.d., pg. White uses the example of Stanley "Tookie" Williams to show this is true. In the 1972 United States Supreme Court case 'Furman vs. It is, therefore, surprising that some countries continue to use the death penalty for capital crimes such as murder. Let us for instance take the example of a captured terrorist or a suicide bomber. The execution in some states of minors and retarded inmates is profoundly shocking to many people in the U. And abroad, as is the multiplicity of judicial errors that have sent innocent people to execution chambers or long terms on death row." Regardless of what people have to say about death penalty, researches and unbiased studies have shown that this form of punishment doesn't serve any good purpose.

"A commonsense theory of deterrence and the ideology of science: The New York State death penalty debate." Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology, 1: 307. It is the ultimate cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment. They argue that innocent people are often put to death, in what can only be termed a heinous denial of justice. Ratified in 1791 as part of the Bill of Rights, this amendment has been cited as an argument against capital punishment (Eighth Pp). Indeed, this trend is evident in the worldwide human rights movement that protests and fights against cruel practices such as child labor, prisoner abuse, war crimes, and domestic violence against women and children. That is to say that if the execution of a prisoner will save the lives of many people capital punishment can be approved in such cases. Thomas Sancton (1991) reveals, "...blacks and Hispanics are proportionally far more likely to be sent to death chambers than whites; that poor defendants are condemned more often than rich ones; that the existence of the death penalty, despite widespread beliefs to the contrary, in fact has no deterrent value. Mcveigh Could Be the Best Argument for Executions, but His Case Highlights the Problems That Arise When Death Sentences Are Churned Out in Huge Numbers., Time, , Pp 31 .

S.&vol=477&invol=399 However, sociologists argue that the retributive justice theory suffers due to the lack of appreciation of circumstantial causes involved in the commission of crime. On Reducing White Support for the Death Coming across cases in which people were charged with crimes that did not commit and as a result risked being executed, people in Maryland appear to be unsupportive toward capital punishment, as they recognize that one cannot be brought back from the dead. This decision affected six hundred people already on death row and since then, several states have adoped new laws to prevent arbitrary use of the death penalty (Eighth Pp). "Against the American System of Capital Punishment." Death Penalty for Juvenile Offenders Supreme Court by a majority decision on March 1, 2005 in oper v. This is precisely the point that King raises in her article The Death Penalty Is a Step Back. [Read More] In viewing the basic research available on this issue, the average cost of keeping a prisoner in jail falls somewhere between $100 and $130 a day depending on what area of the country that offender is imprisoned. Death Penalty Annotated Bibliography It has been theorized and even proven that many laws that are in place in America are the product of Judeo Christian religious beliefs, practices and writings, that have over the years been toned down to better meet the needs and standards of the U. act as deterrents to crime and penalties for crime range from paying small fines to capital punishment. Under these circumstances capital punishment stands clearly justified.

Williams, a former gang member and founder, was executed in 2005, but only after he had sincerely reformed of his ways during…… Georgia, three men who were sentenced to death argued that the death penalty violated their Eighth Amendment protection against cruel and unusual punishment, and the Court ruled that the death penalty was cruel and unusual in this case because it was not applied fairly or objectively (Eighth Pp). "The Ultimate Punishment: A Defense." Copyright 1986 Harvard Law Review Association Jack. Indeed, as this paper will argue, the death penalty has no place in any society that claims to be progressive, humane and just. Surely, it is one that refuses to allow brutal punishments such as the death penalty and attempts instead to work towards rehabilitating its criminals? here is a clear sense that some penalties for breaking the law have little if any effect on crime committed in the future, i.e. The Innocence Project: Guilty Until Proven Innocent. In this case it is fairly obvious that the destructive potential of these people would be greater and consequently their execution entails greater safety, protection and happiness for the society. It exists because society refuses to operate with compassion but revels…… Posner, Capital Crimes., the New Republic, 2) Thomas Sancton/Paris With reporting by James Graff and Gareth Harding/Brussels, Barry Hillenbrand/Washington, Christine Whitehou, a Matter of Life or Death the Mc Veigh case shows how differently Europe and America view capital punishment., Time International, , pp 28 .

Capital Punishment is a social controversy that epitomizes the axiom "an eye for an eye." In the United States there are 38 states that utilize the death penalty, and usually for select crimes, including treason, and mass murder. 38 (1990), the Court used that decision to bolster Louisiana's attempts to forcibly medicate a prisoner in order to make him death-eligible. In many cases, this justification is not valid as it leads to more crime and higher taxes for the society.

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Boston: Northeastern University Press, 1992, and Bedau and Radelet, "Miscarriages of Justice in Potentially Capital Cases." Stanford Law Review 40 (1987): 21-179) Capital Punishment: Does it Reduce Crime? Rethinking competency to stand trial in light of the synthetically sane insanity defense. But, are they really justified in opposing the death penalty? [Read More] References Aguirre, a., Jr., & Baker, D.

Capital Punishment has been in effect since the 1970s, despite cases and controversy that it goes against a person's 8th Amendment rights. After all, in that scenario, avoiding medication could be likened to any other attempt to avoid punishment. Quarterman: mental illness, the death penalty, and human dignity. The first ever recorded execution was in Jamestown in 1608 and since then, it has been used as an effective tool of punishment (Supreme Court Debates, Dec 2004). [Read More] References Soss, Joe; Langbein, Laura; Metelko, Alan.

In 2002, 71 inmates were executed, which was 5 more than 2001, and of these 71 inmates, 53 were Caucasian, and 69 were male (Capital Punishment Statistics, 2003). If one agrees that the death penalty is a just penalty for one who has committed a capital crime, and that the reason that mentally ill defendants should not be executed is because they lack competence, then it does not seem unethical to allow them to be forcibly medicated in order to be competent. Death penalty has been present in the United States from colonial times.

A whistleblower is brought into the public eye, making it difficult for that individual to operate socially or in a business environment. Statistics show that black murderers are far more likely than white murderers to get the death penalty, especially if the victim was white.

Colleagues and coworkers cut off the whistleblower.


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