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Fair use is a provision in copyright law that allows the use of a certain amount of copyrighted material without seeking permission. This means fair use may apply to images (including photographs, illustrations, and paintings), quoting at length from literature, videos, and music regardless of the format.For further assistance with fair use, consult the Office for Scholarly Communication's guide, Fair Use: Made for the Harvard Community and the Office of the General Counsel's Copyright and Fair Use: A Guide for the Harvard Community. Please note, Copyright First Responders assist with questions concerning copyright and fair use, but do not assist with the process of obtaining permission from copyright holders.

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There are a number of broad rules to think about when constructing your title.

Titles should be (a) descriptive and explanatory, not general, (b) precise, and (c) internally consistent.

For questions about the use of images in your dissertation, please see the help page in ETDs @ Harvard.

In addition to the student's own writing, dissertations often contain third-party content, or in-copyright content owned by parties other than you, the student who authored the dissertation.

Pages should be assigned a number except for the Dissertation Acceptance Certificate.

Preliminary pages (abstract, table of contents, list of tables, graphs, illustrations, and preface) should use small Roman numerals (i, ii, iii, iv, v, etc.). Count the title page as page i and the copyright page as page ii, but do not print page numbers on either page.They may be placed on a page with no text above or below, or they may be placed directly into the text.If a table or a figure is alone on a page (with no narrative), it should be centered within the margins on the page.In addition, titles should avoid using (a) abbreviations, acronyms and initials, or (b) a teasing or cute style.When preparing the dissertation for submission, students must follow strict formatting requirements.If you have repeating images that you need to cite more than once, label them with their number and A, B, etc. While no specific rules for the format of table headings and figure captions is required, a consistent format must be used throughout the dissertation (contact your department for style manuals appropriate to the field).Captions should appear at the bottom of any figures.Figures done with software are acceptable if the figures are clear and legible.Legends and titles done by the same process as the figures will be accepted if they too are clear, legible, and run at least 10 or 12 characters per inch.Page numbers are always placed as if the figure were vertical on the page.If a graphic artist does the figures, GSAS will accept lettering done by the artist only within the figure.


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