A Christmas Carol Conclusion For An Essay

Unfortunately, the old saying “Timing is everything!

” is particularly relevant in your case, as motion pictures are still half a century away.

Generosity of spirit defines Christmas for Dickens, and goes a large way toward defining true humanity for him as well (see above).

The Importance of Memory A Christmas Carol is a largely nostalgic work: as discussed in comments on Stave One, Dickens is not so much recording the "traditional Victorian Christmas" as he is restoring ancient practices which became associated with the holiday thanks in large part to this book.

Ever wish you could be the one doing the rejecting?

Take the WD challenge by humorously rejecting a hit in 400 words or fewer.

Our primary issue is its preposterous main premise. Dickens, that you did not intend to submit this manuscript to our humor publishing subsidiary?

We will grant that readers may indeed be willing to accept the idea of four omnipotent ghosts returning to Earth to do good for the betterment of mankind. Furthermore, though we respect your sincere attempt to present the public with an uplifting, enduring yuletide classic, we feel any positive message your literary work may convey would ultimately be overshadowed by its extension of the waning popularity of plum pudding at Christmas.

Given this background, readers may consider A Christmas Carol to be an extended meditation on and illustration of one of Jesus' central moral teachings, as recorded in the New Testament: "For what is a man advantaged, if he gain the whole world, and lose himself, or be cast away? Scrooge has pursued the wealth of "the whole world" for his whole life-but, as his ghostly encounters prove, Scrooge's real life is in grave danger.

And while details surrounding Marley's Ghost (e.g., the hot breeze stirring his hair) suggest that Scrooge's eternal life is jeopardized, the whole of A Christmas Carol emphasizes the importance and urgency of a life-giving, life-changing engagement with our fellow human beings (not, one notes, the adherence or lack thereof to "orthodox" religious doctrine! The book leaves its readers with the understanding that Scrooge-and, by extension, we ourselves-ought to be more concerned with the quality of our lives here and now.


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