8 Steps Critical Thinking Process

8 Steps Critical Thinking Process-50
It is actually thinking as clearly as we can, avoiding faulty thinking that is based on opinions or biases.Thinking clearly is a characteristic of wisdom and is expected that a good Muslim thinks critically as well as creatively.

They can do this using their own language and then find similar connections that exist using the English language.

Critical thinking is not negative thinking or, looking to see faults in a person.

It is the mental state that does not accept information received by most sources as being completely true or accurate.

None of us can be correct about all that we believe in all of the time.

The third quality that a critical thinker must possess is the awareness that everyone is biased and prejudiced in some form.

It should be understood here that the words bias and prejudice are used in the academic sense, meaning preferences, inclinations, or predispositions. As an example, if a person has a good and loving family and a beautiful relationship with his mother, he will view all women like he views his mother because his experience with his mother has coloured his perception of women. Four important ones are self-interest, cultural bias, national bias, and personal bias.Some of you may remember mothers telling you not to eat chicken wings because you will fly far away from home and many such taboos which actually turn out to be untrue, Religious beliefs may also fall into this category because sometimes, false things get into the picture and we accept it because it was what our parents perceived and when we increase in knowledge we find out that their perceptions were not right.Still being sceptical, we do not accept what is told to us , even if someone tells us we are wrong, we would need to test what they say and not accept it by virtue of their position , even if they had some authority.University students will see a rise in text book prices as negative, while book sellers will see it as positive.Businesspersons may see any disaster as a chance to sell goods or to reconstruct buildings.In the past, doctors used to tell patients to avoid butter since it contained cholesterol but now it is found that the trans fatty acids in margerines are even more harmful than the cholesterol in butter!When we were young we were told many things by our parents and we believed them to be true , but when we grow older, we find it to be false.All of us have perceptions based on our experiences. There are actually a lot more than this including political bias, group bias and many more but in these four that are explained below is enough for us to extrapolate into other biases that we have to become aware of.Note that knowing one's own biases helps one to view things more objectively is natural that people favour whatever is in their perceived self-interest.Wisdom (or critical thinking) begins with appreciating how little we know.Wise people realise the more they know, the more they know that there is a lot they do not know.


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