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Duration: 1 class period After students have completed Lesson 8: The Weimar Republic, it is an appropriate time to revisit and revise the working thesis statements they drafted in the initial assessment step Introducing the Writing Prompt.

At that time, students were introduced to the first part of the writing prompt, which did not include the specific historical events they are studying in this unit, and they developed an initial position for an argumentative essay in response to a question about the importance and impact of choices in history.

Many have put all their money and faith into doctors, always clinging to the chance that their disease or ailment can and will be cured.

Adults wish for their little children to grow up to be doctors one day, even though the child may have something else in mind.

Before introducing the final historical topic for the essay, the Holocaust and its legacy, now is an appropriate time in the unit for students to review the documents and videos from Lessons 14 to 18 and consider which information supports, expands, or challenges their thinking about the writing prompt.

Students are now ready to reflect on, gather evidence for, and discuss the unit writing prompt in its entirety: What does learning about the choices people made during the Weimar Republic, the rise of the Nazi Party, and the Holocaust teach us about the power and impact of our choices today?

Why we have such a fascination with doctors probably stems from many reasons.

But probably the main reason is that they have always been linked to the solution to our greatest fears, Pain and Death.

They were men who looked just like you and me, but had minds that were nothing short of evil.

These were the doctors of the Holocaust and who at concentration camps at Auschwitz and dacha committed crimes that are still unimaginable, even though we have seen the proof with our own eyes.


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